Virmunity is different, it’s a solution and a prevention. We expect you might have some questions for us.

We have created Virmunity Plus specifically for extended use.

Virmunity is specifically created to be 20 doses and is designed to help lessen and shorten the duration of colds and the flu. We wish we could guarantee all illnesses could disappear in a week or less. With so many variables at stake (when a patient begins taking Virmunity, the severity of their illness when they began, etc.), we cannot predict their outcome. Continue with the supplement to deliver optimum results. Please consult your health care provider if your symptoms worsen or if for example you suffer excessive fever.

If you are already sick, it is generally considered safe to change the dose to two capsules three times daily.

We’ve ingredients known to decrease the length of colds and flus, as well as decreasing the severity of symptoms. NOTE: especially with a dosage increase, remember to take with food.

Please take with at least a substantial snack to avoid discomfort.

Virmunity is safe to take at all times of the day, while you can take Virmunity at bedtime it is preferred to take in divided doses, suggested dosing is morning, noon, and night, with food.

We have specifically created Virmunity Kids to care for smaller bodies and metabolisms.

Virmunity is made from natural ingredients generally considered safe for all. Our recommendation for everyone is to discuss new supplements with their health care professionals so that possible concerns are covered.

Side-effects are rare, and most common are gastrointestinal discomfort.  

Please talk to your licensed health-care professional before combining any new supplements with prescriptions.

Virmunity is generally considered to be safe to take with over-the-counter cold medicine but be sure to talk with your pharmacist or licensed health-care professional before starting any new medications.



Virmunity contains no milk-derived ingredients.

Every bottle of Virmunity has a printed expiration date, by which the product must be used. As long as it has been stored in a cool, dry place, the contents remain effective. If the product has been stored above 78* Fahrenheit, please dispose the product safely and do not consume.

Yes, the ingredients in Virmunity support the body’s metabolism of aldehydes, associated with a hangover, they also increase glutathione levels, which supports the liver, where you primarily break down alcohol. We’ve had many positive reports of people “pre-dosing” with Virmunity, and having little to no hangover. Remember to also hydrate!