Cardio Mag-lo-plex II (180 Tablets)

Cardio Mag-lo-plex II is a unique sustained-release formulation consisting of magnesium, hawthorn, coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, potassium, calcium and chromium. Cardio Mag-lo-plex II allows for maximal absorption of these precious nutrients which are especially vital for the function of the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Who needs Cardio Mag-lo-plex II?

Anyone who has high blood pressure, angina (heart pains), cardiomyopathy (weak heart contractility), chronic muscle spasms or weakness, chronic fatigue, irregular heart beats, diabetes, and/or chronic headaches may benefit from taking Cardio Mag-lo-plex II. In addition, anyone taking diuretics, for fluid retention or high blood pressure, is most likely to have a magnesium deficiency and may also benefit from a magnesium supplement. If a patient has been taking a high dose calcium supplements, it is especially important to make sure they are getting adequate amounts of magnesium. High doses of calcium can cause a deficiency of magnesium. Calcium is commonly prescribed in high doses for people who have or are at risk for osteoporosis. Patients who have not responded to conventional magnesium supplementation should consider switching to a sustained-release magnesium such as Cardio Mag-lo-plex II to make sure they are receiving the full benefits of magnesium. Furthermore, patients taking cholesterol-lowering drugs may be at risk for developing a coenzyme Q10 deficiency, which can seriously impair the function of the heart muscle.

Why a sustained-released formulation?

Magnesium supplementation presents with the inconvenience of higher doses resulting in loose stools. Thus, before a significant therapeutic effects can be achieved, diarrhea usually occurs. In fact, large doses of magnesium have even been showed to lead to a magnesium deficiency because of the additional loss of magnesium into the loose stools. Up until now, the only way to get larger doses of magnesium into the cells of the body has been to give magnesium either intravenously or intramuscularly. The sustained release magnesium in Cardio Mag-lo-plex II has been developed to address this unwanted side-effect of magnesium. Sustained-release magnesium allows for gradual dosing in the intestines during transit. Gradual dosing greatly enhances magnesium absorption, while reducing the tendency to loose stool both valuable advantages in the treatment of many diseases that require high dose magnesium supplementation.

Note: Information presented is based on current scientific research. No claim is made regarding products use in the treatment, prevention or care of any disease.