Bruder Cold Therapy Eye Compress

NON-TOXIC & NON-LATEX: Restore your eyes with the medically approved cold therapy mask that is 100% non-toxic, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

REMAINS DRY & CONDENSATION-FREE: Excellent post-surgical compress that delivers time-release cold treatments all while remaining dry and condensation-free during each application.

SOFT AND FLEXIBLE: Feel good knowing the patented design will not support bunching, bursting, or leaking. The compress is double sealed for durability and will stay soft and flexible from the freezer.

WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: The Bruder Cold Therapy Eye Compress is non-absorbent and may be cleaned and disinfected. Simply remove from the freezer and apply to the site of pain. Do not use for more than 20 minutes in a 2-hour period.

NON-GEL COLD THERAPY TECHNOLOGY: Innovative non gel technology that provides cold therapy treatments that comply with medically accepted protocols. The Bruder Cold Therapy Eye Compress conforms to the treatment area to provide relief from inflammation, swelling, and post-surgery procedures.