What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a processed extract from Hemp.  Reportedly used for its many abilities, including to promote relaxation and manage pain. CBD usually comes in three forms, powder isolates, flowers, and oil. The purest form are isolates, but oil is the most popular of the three. CBD oil can be directly ingested, applied topically, or added to other preparations for either ingestion or absorption.

 CBD Water Soluble Nano-Softgels are an excellent source of highly absorbable full-spectrum CBD. Produced through a unique process that decreases the particle size of the oil, therefore providing more rapid absorption. For people who prefer soft gels over tinctures, this offers an excellent option!

CBD Tincture Drops tend to be the most popular method of an introduction to CBD. 
A very popular method of getting your CBD is Reasonable Remedies Broad Spectrum Tincture.  Extracted with the latest advanced technology, we capture the full array of cannabinoids & the naturally occurring terpenes for maximum bioavailability. Reasonable Remedies tinctures are combined with Keto-friendly Organic MCT Oil (coconut oil).

Our CBD products meet or exceed all Federal guidelines for manufacturing, including:

  • Organically-Grown, Pesticide-Free, Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO Oregon Hemp
  • Premium-Grade
  • No Metals and No Harsh Chemicals
  • cGMP-certified & FDA registered manufacturer
  • ISO 9000 certified
  • In-house tested & 3rd-Party Tested
  • Industrial Hemp Registered
  • Farm Bill Compliant

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